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Cozymeal Culinary Class Recipes

Creamless corn soup


12 ears of corn

2qt water

Cut the kernels off the cob

In a blender, puree the kernels until smooth

Pass the puree thru a fine mesh strainer

Refrigerate the liquid.

Put the corn pulp in a pot with the cobs.

Cover the cobs with water and simmer for 30 minutes

Strain the liquid and continue to simmer until ½ cup of liquid remains

Combine the corn stock with the puree in a pot.

Simmer for 15min, stir constantly


Corn and cantaloupe succotash

¼ cup dried beans, soaked overnight

2qt water

1T Kosher salt

4T extra virgin olive oil

½ cup corn kernels

½ cup cantaloupe small dice

¼ cup green pepper, minced

¼ cup shallots, minced


In a stock pot, add beans, water, and salt. Simmer for 20-30min or until beans are tender

In a large sauté pan heat oil until smoking.

Add corn, cantaloupe, green pepper, and shallots to the pan and stir quickly to evenly distribute the oil

Let the vegetables get a little char by letting them cook in the pan without stirring.

Salt lightly to taste.



Heat up soup

Spoon a small amount of succotash into the middle of a bowl

Pour soup slowly around the succotash



Atlantic Mackerel


1Tbsp Salt, fine granulated

1Tbsp Sugar, granulated

1tsp Fennel seed, ground

1tsp Coriander, ground

1tsp Black pepper, ground



Blend the spices together.

Season the flesh of the fish lightly.

Flip the fish over and cover with plastic wrap.

Refrigerate for 30min to 2 hours or until mackerel feels firm

With a blowtorch, charcoal, or a hot pan with a little oil crisp up the skin


Smoked eggplant sauce

1ea Globe eggplant

¼ cup Charcoal and woodchips, hickory or maple or both

1T honey

1T red wine vinegar

½ tsp fine grain sea salt

Roast eggplant at 350F for 1hour or until eggplant is very soft

Let the eggplant cool down for easier handling.

Cut the top of the eggplant off.

Scoop out the soft center, being careful not to mix in the skin.

Wrap up woodchips in aluminum foil, then poke wholes into the foil pouch.

Heat  up a large pot with the woodchip foil pouch.  With the eggplants in a heat safe bowl, put them into the pot with the woodchips and cover.

Keep the heat on medium for the duration of the smoking.

Smoke eggplant for 10-15min.

In a blender puree the eggplant with honey, vinegar.

Salt to taste, about ½ tsp of fine grain sea salt


Deboned Bronzini

Unfortunately, you will be hard pressed to find a butcher to even attempt this, so I will suggest asking for fillets with pinbones removed.


Fennel and lemon paste

1cup fennel stems and root

2ea lemon, cut into small pieces

1oz thyme, fresh just the leaves stems removed

4each bayleaves fresh cut into pieces with scissors

1 oz extra virgin olive oil

In a blender, puree every until very smooth


Generously rub the fish with fennel and lemon paste.

Then salt the fish.  If you salt first, then add the paste, the salt will get smeared around unevenly.

Cook skin side down on a grill or hot pan. When the skin is crispy, flip the fish over.  At this point you can finish the fish in the oven slowly or quickly on the grill. Or you can set the fish aside for up to an hour before finishing.


Charred scallion Vinaigrette

1lb scallion greens

2oz canola oil

2oz Extra virgin olive oil

1tsp Sea Salt, granulated

1tsp black pepper, ground

Veggie stock or water as needed it depends on how thick or thin you want your sauce. 


Cook scallions on a grill until they are dark brown or black on one side. Flip them over.  This second side we only want to cook them lightly with minimal charring.

In a blender blend everything together until smooth.  Adjust seasoning and consistency if necessary



Pickle liquid

1c water

1c white wine vinegar

1c verjus

½ c sugar

1t coriander

1t fennel seed

1t mustard seed


Roasted sweet potato

Embers from after a bbq or fireplace or oven

Sweet potatoes with hardy skin


In an oven

Bake sweet potatoes at 350F for 2 hours.

Then in a pot pan sear the skin to mimic the toasty flavor of charcoal


In a fireplace

Bury sweet potatoes in ash on the edges of the pit. Be careful about not burying the potatoes directly next to hot embers or burning logs.  You will want to keep the embers close but not touching the covered potatoes.  Depending on the size of the sweet potatoes and how hot the fire is, they can take anywhere from 30min to 4hours to cook.  Just poke them now and then to see if theyre soft.


Buckwheat crepe

2ea large egg

1tsp salt, granulated

1c-1.5c water

¼ c extra virgin olive oil

½ c buckwheat flour

½ c all purpose flour, unbleached

Put all the liquids into a blender, then add the buckwheat flour, all purpose flour, and salt.

Blend until very smooth.

Pour into a container and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, cook like normal crepes.

I suggest a nonstick pan, a paper towel dipped in oil, and a rubber spatula.

On medium heat pour crepe batter into the pan, and spread the batter out evenly.

I usually pour extra batter into the pan, lift the pan up and swirl the pan, then I pour out the excess batter back into the rest of the batter.  Let the crepe cook undisturbed until the top is also cooked through, then flip the crepe.

You only want to cook the 2nd side for just for a few seconds. We only want to dry it out a little, but not crisp it up.  It will be easier to roll up later if it is not crispy.  You can also stack up the crepes without worrying about them sticking together.


Black pepper caramel

1cup sugar

1cup water

2 Tbsp Black pepper, cracked

In a small pot, boil everything together.

After 5min, strain out the black pepper and continue cooking the sugar water.

Cook the sugar until the water has evaporated and it begins to turn color about 340F

Pour the caramel onto the baking sheet with a silicone liner.

After the caramel is cool, you can break it up in a food processor to have caramel sugar on hand.


Sweet Potato Puree

1 qt sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into inch cubes

3qt water, cold

1 Tbsp salt, kosher

2 Tbsp smoked maple syrup

2 Tbsp black pepper caramel


Boil water, salt, and potatoes until the potatoes are soft. About 20-30min

Strain out the liquid.

In a blender or food processor, mix potatoes with maple syrup and caramel.

If you want it to be extra smooth, you can push the puree through a fine mesh strainer or colander

Adjust the flavor to your taste.



Burnt onion ash

1ea large sweet onion, yellow or Vidalia types

Slice thinly and spread out onto a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Bake at 200F for 4hours or until onions are fully dried.

Let them cool before grinding them into a dust.



Spread sweet potato puree onto crepe

Roll the crepe up and move onto a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Bake for 10min at 350F or until the crepe is crispy.

Dust with burnt onion ash.




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