Momo Yakitori
Japanese Yakitori
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about momo

Momo Yakitori is a casual restaurant and bar located in the Woodridge neighborhood of Northeast Washington, DC. We offer traditional Japanese yakitori as well as creative adaptations with contemporary flavors and local ingredients. The restaurant bar offers a curated selection of sakes, shochus, wines, and beers that complement our yakitori.



Meet the chef

Andrew Chiou is the owner and executive chef of Momo Yakitori. With Texas roots, Chef Chiou’s culinary style marries southern hospitality with an attention to detail that reflects his Taiwanese heritage and comes to life at Momo Yakitori through the careful preparation of seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Prior to opening Momo Yakitori, he was executive chef of the U.S. Department of State. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.



What is Yakitori

Yakitori is a type of Japanese skewered chicken. Our chicken is skewered with wooden or bamboo skewers, grilled over a binchotan charcoal grill and seasoned with a variety of house made sauces. At Momo Yakitori, we use Green Circle Chicken that is antibiotic, hormone-free chicken raised free range on a vegetable diet and certified humane.